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Filip Erlandsson

I still had very few ideas of what I wanted to work with when I graduated from my five years at the Media Technology program at the Royal Institute of Technology, with an MSc in Engineering. I had tried not to specialize in a specific topic during my education, instead diving into many diverse areas such as Programming, Media Management and Marketing.
After browsing through the web for exciting job openings, I found a specific kind of field that seemed very interesting, namely the world of analytics. This was probably because of my love for data and statistics. More specifically, I found an intriguing opening at Kaplan as a Campaign Manager/Analyst/Technician. As a leading Customer Management company, Kaplan gave me a great opportunity to combine my interests for data and marketing.

Working as a combined campaign technician/analyst I get to work with adding together exciting communication that can be sent out to hundreds of thousands of people. With the use of customer data, I have the power to create smart segmentations based on analysis, and so deciding which customers that should receive a specific message. Finally, I get to press the button that sends an email newsletter to the hundreds of thousands of customers. Since we are working with large B2C brands in Sweden, there is a great chance that you will receive your own communication. How cool is that?!
The great USPs (unique selling points) about Kaplan is our familiar and open-minded atmosphere. We are people with a lot of different backgrounds, educations and experiences. Since we are working between our four competence areas, you will get to collaborate with other competencies and therefore learn valuable skills in the areas of Tech, Analytics, Strategy and Creative. At Kaplan, you will also have the ability to try out different roles and different tasks and by doing that, getting a chance to steer your career in the direction of your choice.

After my 2,5 years at Kaplan I have fallen in love with the world of data-driven marketing and I am looking forward to seeing the future, with the world of data constantly expanding.

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