Employee Insight

Erik Kullgren

My academical background is within economics; with a focus on marketing and management. I have always been fascinated by statistics and how numbers can be interpreted into a language that explains human behaviour and creates the foundation for strategic marketing. Also, coming from a sports background, I always want to compare and measure my efforts with others. To me, results are something that need to be measurable, as it fuels my motivation.

I think that is why Kaplan’s view on data-driven marketing appealed so much to me. At Kaplan, I experience competencies from a variety of fields are being leveraged in a way that creates a truly strong offering to our clients. Statistical analysis, marketing technology, management consulting and creative ingenuity thrive in symbiosis on a daily basis here – to me that’s marketing at its best.

In my role as a Business Analyst, the most interesting part is the combination of being in a very quickly developing industry; as data-driven customer management is in a very exciting phase; together with the constantly changing challenges our clients are facing. My role enables me to work with a variety of different industries, often simultaneously, where the business challenges are very diverse. The thing that combines them, however, is the ever-growing notion of how companies need to work towards a customer-centric offering and organization.

To sum up my view on Kaplan and what we do, I think it’s the mix of things that really makes me feel at home here. Mixing competencies from statistical analysis to marketing strategy and creative; mixing a wide variety of clients and industries; and mixing different employee backgrounds and personalities. That is why every day brings something new and we constantly get challenged in what we do.

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