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Taking Bonnier Tidskrifter to the future


In 2013 Bonnier Tidskrifter turned to us as part of their endeavor to get more out of their subscriber base. Bonnier Tidskrifter had relied heavily on discounts and offers to attract new customers, and wanted to turn the negative trend around. Together with Kaplan, a strategic journey was undertaken, starting with setting up the targeted communication based on five predictive models of up-sell, cross-sell, churn, extension and recruitment. Kaplan subsequently also worked with service and content development, internal alignment and change management, setting up a new marketing organization, processes as well as becoming Bonnier Tidskrifters Marketing Technology provider.


Since starting to work with Kaplan, Bonnier Tidskrifter has managed to increase Customer Life Time in a period where magazine subscriptions are on the decline, as customers reading habits rapidly change in favor of digital channels.

  • 2013: Strategic supplier – customer targeting
    Quick-wins in customer targeting, structured customer base processing based on CRM data, life cycle focus, business case and KPIs.
  • 2014: Internal change journey
    Customer journeys, GAP-analysis, processes and organization, internal change journey.
  • 2015: Marketing Technology supplier
    Omnichannel architecture, campaign tool, PIM, reporting, targeting in email, invoicing (postal).
  • 2017: Further developments of reporting, adding new channels.

Kaplan competencies used

  • Data &

  • Strategy &

  • Creative &

  • Marketing

Divisions supported at Bonnier

  • Marketing
  • IT
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