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Åsa Leckner Tham

I really appreciate working at Kaplan because I feel that we are driving the future within Customer Management together with our clients. It’s an everchanging industry and we’re developing new solutions every day that make a difference for millions of customers in the Nordics. Kaplan is a small company and it motivates me that every individual has the opportunity and responsibility of impacting the direction of the company. What makes Kaplan unique is the mix of competencies with analytical, technical, strategical and creative people under the same roof and in the same projects. It creates an exciting dynamic and is sometimes challenging but mostly very rewarding – and what comes out is really good solution. But most importantly, we are having a fun time together – maybe because of our differences!

I work as a Client Director in the Strategy & Change department. Prior to joining Kaplan I worked at Accenture and Trygg Hansa for 10 years within the area of Customer Management, and while the name of the field has changed many times the purpose of creating great customer experiences has always been the same. It has been exciting to see the increased awareness for the field within the Nordics during the years. I graduated with a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management – even if it wasn’t a straight path to where I am today the analytical foundation from my education has advantages in analyzing customer behavior, needs and digital footprints to improve the customer experience and in the end increasing the competitiveness and revenue for our clients.

In my role I am usually responsible for 1-3 clients at a time, and I focus on the development of the client and for leading projects and the projects teams. Our involvement with clients varies and for some clients we deliver across all our departments (strategy, analytics, creative and technology) and for others we are mostly involved in one of the areas. It means that I for one clients are responsible for everything from driving strategic projects, producing the tactical communication, following up campaigns as well as developing, hosting and supporting the omni channel system. For another client we are mostly a strategic partner where I am responsible for different kinds of strategic projects such as developing the loyalty program into a world class program, defining customer interaction plans, developing life cycle programs, building customer centric organizations or improving campaign processes. Everything we do has the common goal of increasing efficiency in our clients’ organizations and giving their customer a relevant and personalized experience – with the communication reaching the right customer at the right time, in the right channel, with the right content – and at the same time increasing the emotional connection to the brand.

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