Client testimonials

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Why is customer focus/centricity important for your company?

“Apoteket is all about putting the customer first. And with that – we believe that a deeper understanding of our client base, investing time and effort in our relationship with our customers, is also key to developing our own business.”

In what way and why are you working with Kaplan as with regards to Loyalty and CRM?

“Kaplan fulfills the high demands we have on a Customer & Loyalty Management / CRM agency. We work with Kaplan on both a strategic and operational level - from strategic advisory  to content production and advanced analysis of our customer base and performance of our campaigns. Thus enabling us to leverage the full suite of Loyalty services that Kaplan has to offer.”

What results have you seen (or expect to see) as a consequence of your work with Loyalty and CRM?

“Together with Kaplan we have enjoyed significant ROI for our work within Loyalty, CRM and Relationship marketing.”

Henrik Lantz
Project Manager, Loyalty Program at Apoteket AB