Client testimonials

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Why is customer focus/centricity important for your company?

“At Åhléns we strive to be a truly insight driven company. We believe that it is through the understanding of what our customers really value and need - sometimes without knowing it - that we can improve and develop our offer and communication in order to become more relevant for them.”

In what way and why are you working with Kaplan as with regards to Loyalty and CRM?

“Kaplan is our partner within CRM strategy, analysis and technical support. We have worked with Kaplan for many years, and continue to hire them, as they have a unique set of skills in different areas. When building value for the customer, growth and profitability for the business as well as a strong brand, strategy and analysis are just as important as concepts and technical solutions.”

What results have you seen (or expect to see) as a consequence of your work with Loyalty and CRM?

“Through different types of measurements we see that Åhléns Klubb contribute in engaging our customers and making them more willing to recommend Åhléns to others. Tailored communication and offers have a strong effect on sales short term. Our overall goal is to engage and inspire many more of our members.”

Annika Sundmalm
Insight & Loyalty manager at Åhléns AB