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Behind all successful customer relationships lay strategic foundations. Starting from the unique position of your company and brand, we measure and benchmark your current performance to develop strategies that align with the requirements needed in customer-centric organizations. This provides the setting for valuable one-to-one dialogues and the growing of your business.


Acquiring new customers is expensive business, hence the great need for strategic and relevant ways of welcoming, activating, getting to know and reward everyone who enters into the world of your brand. We establish trigger-based systems for proactive management of your customer’s forthcoming needs and behaviour and reward them individually in accordance with their very own experience. All in all, we build frameworks to enhance your ability to build and extract value.


We have experience from creating, conceptualizing and operating some of Scandinavia’s most advanced and successful customer experience and loyalty programs.

From customer acquisition to retention, regardless of if the customer touchpoint is a website, mobile an email-channel or an offline environment – we know at what stage a specific audience needs a certain message, but also where to concentrate money and effort in order to maintain and develop a dynamic two-way dialogue throughout the customer journey. We have industry specific benchmarks and knowledge that help us determine what reward and value proposition is suitable for your customer. In other words, we know how to turn an acquaintance into a relationship. In all customer touchpoints.