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Understanding your customer; how, what and when they buy or interact with you, and what motivates them is fundamental in a customer centric organization. The data availability has exploded in recent years and Kaplan’s experienced analytics team provides a wide range of services to ensure you maximize your knowledge of your customer’s behavior and turn that into action. Our analytics are tightly integrated with our other solution areas and underpins all our strategic and communication recommendations.


  • Campaign selection
  • Campaign communication tracking and evaluation
  • Customer life cycle tracking and evaluation
  • Test & learn programs (A/B testing, hypothesis etc)


  • Customer surveys ; customer satisfaction index, NPS, ad awareness etc
  • Customer panel management; continuous dialogue with your customer base, input to product development and feedback on product, services and communication
  • Customer profiling; spend, frequency, demographics, interests
  • Customer segmentation; strategic and tactical
  • Basket analysis Advanced analytics & predictive modeling
  • Customer scoring
  • Channel and product propensity models to optimize your up- and crossell potential
  • Life cycle predictive models to optimize your welcome, dip and churn phases
  • Set-up and management of recommendation engines – Next Best Action – across multiple channels simultaneously


  • KPI selection and set-up; business impact, engagement, CLV
  • KPI tracking and automated reporting


  • What customer data to collect from both internal data and external data sources
  • How to combine data to create dynamic customer profiles and scoring to drive the right level of personalization and relevance in offers and communication
  • Data model design