Our story

An entrepreneurial growth cocktail, with the taste of data.

When Marianne Kaplan, our founder, in 1987 left her role as Chief Marketing Officer at global fashion retailer H&M, she did so with the vision that individual customer-data should be the foundation of smart, effective and profitable customer-dialogue.

Starting out with a project that later was to grow into the H&M Loyalty Club, the company expanded to work with CRM,Customer and Loyalty Management in a wide range of industries and leading brands through-out Scandinavia. As technology, digital and creative marketing, data-analytics and sophisticated strategies have evolved since those first stumbling steps that were taken in 1987, our company has continued to build upon our entrepreneurial heritage.

Today we are proud to say that our more than 70 full-time professionals in our offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen, continue our journey of helping our clients in creating the most long-lasting and profitable customer relationships in that very same entrepreneurial spirit.