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Networked Business Initiative

Kaplan Denmark becomes a part of Networked Business Initiative (NBI) and the Omnichannel Marketing research program

The program offers a comprehensive survey and benchmarking tool. The ‘Omnichannel Capability Benchmarking Tool’ gives you a unique opportunity to evaluate your capabilities and potential within the omnichannel marketing disciplines.

Since 2015, more than 250 companies have participated in a comprehensive survey to assess their own ‘omnichannel-readiness’ in Denmark. ‘Omnichannel Marketing Facts & Figures Denmark 2017´ reveals that Danish companies only score 1.44 out of 3.0, showing great potential for the majority.

You can map, measure, and benchmark your own omnichannel performance across the six omnichannel disciplines. Benchmarking your company’s result against others in the same industry can give you a better overview for going forward with your omnichannel strategy. Which areas should you concentrate on if you want to be better at delivering omnichannel experiences for your customers?

Discover your potential and get actionable insights
More than 500 companies have already signed up and you can also get this opportunity by signing up for the tool here:

It’s FREE and submitted data can only be accessed if the owner grants permission.

NBI is an international research project in Denmark that is financed and supported by a consortium consisting of Dansk Erhverv (the Danish Chamber of Commerce), Dansk Industri, Copenhagen Business School, Erhvervsstyrelsen (the Danish Business Authority) and Sitecore, with the aim to ensure increased digital growth and competitiveness.

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