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Sanna shares her view on things as project manager.

“I graduated from Stockholm School of Economics with an MSc in Business and Economics, before going on to work with marketing in different capacities for McKinsey, Masterfoods, Electrolux and Com Hem.

In my earlier professional roles, I had been able to see how customer management and customer loyalty gained increasing attention from company executives. Both terms pose questions that will be essential to tomorrow’s marketing, and at Kaplan I’ve got the opportunity to help change things in collaboration with our clients.

At Kaplan, we are focused on the customer experience, and there are both strategic and creative aspects to it. Meanwhile, we are data-driven, analytically orientated, always with business and measurable results in mind. It is that holistic approach that makes working here exciting.

We are growing at a high pace, continually adding new people to our team – but we are not too many; everyone knows each other. The atmosphere is relaxed and familiar, and there is a good mix of people with lots of energy within our walls!”