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SJ’s customer centricity journey


Kaplan first started working with SJ in 2011, when we were appointed as their CRM-strategy advisor. With the CRM strategy as a basis, SJ and Kaplan embarked on a customer centricity journey, becoming SJs marketing technology partner as well as their communication agency for personalized communication (omnichannel).


SJ are well under way with an omnichannel approach to communication, including web, email, SMS and in their omnichannel communication, based on customer behavior. Kaplan handles personalized campaigns for SJ, measured against control groups they generate significant yearly ROI.

  • 2013: Marketing Service Provider
    We implemented the marketing technology tool “Adobe Campaign”, offered technical and user support, campaign technology and development.
  • 2014: CRM communication agency
    The whole customer funnel (i.e. identified customers and including non-members), producing significant amounts of creative content (email, web, events, social, film etc.).
  • 2015: B2B
    All B2C, loyalty program, other customers and B2B customers included, when it comes to Customer Strategy, Lifecycle Management, System & Support, Analytics and Dialogue/content.
  • 2017: Online and content management process
    Leveraging the earlier projects, Kaplan will optimize SJ’s online strategy as well as implement and support technical solutions; where the online platform (Adobe Experience Manager) and Adobe Campaign are merged, in order to personalize the web, optimizing online content in real-time for each individual customer. We are also working on effectivizing the production process, including content set up.

Kaplan competencies used

  • Data &

  • Strategy &

  • Creative &

  • Marketing

Divisions supported at SJ

  • Market comm.
  • Sales & Finance
  • Analysis
  • IT
  • Product development
  • Local hotels
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