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  • Kaplan is a data-driven, experience-led Customer Management company. For 30 years, Kaplan has partnered with leading brands throughout Scandinavia, such as Åhléns, SAS, SJ, Circle K, Comhem and Skandia to maximize the value of their customers and to earn their loyalty.

  • We work with our clients to help them on the transformation journey into becoming truly customer- and data driven companies, being able to deliver a personalized experience for every consumer. Today we are more than 80 dedicated professionals in our offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen as our own growth story continues.

  • Customer management is, to us, the philosophy of how to know your customers, to make decisions and deliver an experience based on individual behaviors and motivations. It is measured on customer base growth, campaign results and ROI on marketing investments. We optimize behaviors, in the customer lifecycle, in what products and services that should be offered, in what channels should be used for communication, at what time we should communicate. When using predictive modelling and AI, we can find each individual that is eligible for a certain message, and we can predict the value of that communication.

  • But we also need to create experiences that inspire customers to act. We build personalized brand experiences that services each customers’ motivation throughout the customer journey. With gamification techniques we reward and inspire them to deepen the relationship with the brand.

  • When knowing your customers, segments can also be leveraged in buying external media through finding twins, thus becoming very effective at targeting the right prospects. As this technology is getting more advanced and can scale, it will revolution media budgets.

  • At Kaplan, our capabilities are in building the infrastructure, the systems, the effective marketing production processes while not compromising creativity or the customer experience. It is about systemizing your marketing strategy and operations, to create an effective, integrated marketing delivery organization throughout your company, with all touchpoints seamlessly integrated, resulting in a coherent, optimized customer experience.